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Your trees can either be assets or liabilities. When an expert tree risk assessor uncovers an impending issue with your trees–possibly a tree that is diseased or damaged beyond repair; tree removal becomes the immediate solution.

We, at Erie Tree Trimmers provide professional and inexpensive tree removal in Erie, PA for all kinds of tree species. Through our extensive experience in this industry, we work safely, professionally and efficiently to remove your tree.

In a situation when our trained tree technicians are told to remove a tree, our team first addresses whether treatment and preservation would be a better option.

As much as the job description fulfills tree trimming, chopping, and tree removal, we always attempt to keep a tree first prior to ridding it. Of course, there are those circumstances where removal of a specimen is the best option. For example, if the tree presents possible and potential harm to the environment and its inhabitants or in cases where severe damage occurred usually due to storm damage or an illness, then tree removal would be highly recommended.

Tree removal can be complex and any small mistake can be costly. With this understanding, we undergo thorough training to gain knowledge about the idiosyncrasies of various types of trees, and work carefully to remove the tree in the safest and most efficient way.

Of course, homeowners can save some money when they cut trees down themselves, but this can be dangerous and disastrous. And again, there are countless service companies that offer tree removal services in Erie, unfortunately, most of them are not trained arborists. You need an expert! We are the expert!

Either route you decide to go, we have highly skilled and certified professionals to get the job done safely and efficiently. We also provide land & lot clearing services for those large scale tree removals in Erie.

    We are the best Tree Removal Service in Erie

    Our ISA certified arborists are passionate about keeping all your trees safe and healthy. Our company boasts some of the leading tree service professionals in the greater Erie, PA.

    Erie Tree Trimmers specializes in professional tree removal for residents in the Pennsylvania area. Indeed, our customers have trusted us since our inception to remove their trees efficiently and safely, regardless of the scope and size of the project.

    We always clean up after ourselves. This includes all of the mess we made during the removal process. All wood of any size will be gone along with leaves, saw dust, and any other debris.

    We respect our clients property and the environment​ in general which is why we strive to always leave a job site better looking and in better condition than how it originally appeared.

    Comprehensively Reliable Tree Removal

    When you contract our arborists to remove your trees, they accurately assess the height of your trees and the possible landing place. Our tree removal services incorporate disposal of the tree limbs, and splitting the tree into 16″ lengths pieces for firewood.

    As the No. 1 Tree company in the region, PA, Erie Tree Trimmers houses bonded and insured arborists that offer top-notch services at reasonable costs. When you call us, expect to meet an energetic, friendly, and competent team as a guarantee for superior workmanship.

    We work seven days a week and also provide after-hours or emergency call outs. As an established Tree company in Erie, PA, we are well-equipped to do the job you need done, and rightfully so. We are fully insured and deliver reliable service in all seasons.

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    Are you in the greater Pennsylvania and looking for reliable Erie, PA stump removal or stump grinding in Erie, PA? Whether tree cutting, pruning, trimming or removal, we are a top-rated Erie, PA tree service that guarantees you great value.

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