Tree Disease

Tree Disease Erie PA

Determining Tree Disease in Pennsylvania

Trees require proper treatment and maintenance just as all living things do, so in cases where improper treatment is present, it could result in tree disease, decay, and even death of the tree itself.

Luckily for you and especially the life of the living tree, we have certified arborists that specialize in properly maintaining the health and livelihood of that living specimen on your property.

What Causes Sick Trees

There are numerous causes of sick trees in the Erie area including invasive species and unstable weather patterns. Anyone who’s familiar with Erie weather knows that it is unpredictable as the lucky winning lottery numbers…if only we knew ahead of time.

One thing we do know for certain is how to spot a sick tree and the necessary steps and strategies to save the specimen before the situation goes south due to tree disease.

    Our certified arborists are available to access and address the best sought out care for your tree or shrub. We offer tree injections as one of the ways to save and revive your tree back into a healthy state living from tree disease.

    If you have any suspicions about a possible sick tree, don’t hesitate to call and schedule for one of our specialists to examine and provide proper diagnosis.

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