Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching

Proper Tree Mulching in Erie

Yes you heard it right! We now offer tree mulching services in Erie! Why should you get this done you ask? Because it is one of the most advantageous practices that a home owner should indulge in, if they want better tree health for their gardens. Don’t know what mulching is? Don’t worry by the time we’re done, you’ll know all there is to know about mulching. Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface so as to ensure that moisture is retained in the soil and its conditions are improved. But if not done right, this can be even more detrimental to your tree’s upbringing and sometimes even to your whole garden landscape.

Advantages of Tree Mulching

  • It helps reduce soil moisture loss due to evaporation
  • It helps control the growth of weeds
  • It also insulates soil and protects the roots from extreme temperature variations
  • It also improves soil by providing aeration and drainage
  • It also improves soil fertility due to its own decomposition
  • Say bye bye to all those plant diseases

    All of the above are very important for a tree’s overall health. Why because you see trees normally grow in forests where the ground is covered in leaves and other such things so they are never short of organic matter. This type of environment is optimum for a tree to grow in. But when shifted to urban environments the trees do not get these things according to their needs. The urban soils are poor in quality with reduced organic matter and large fluctuations in soil temperature and moisture. Their growth either stops or slows down to a degree that is almost negligible. By getting your soil mulched to a layer of 2-3 inches can give them a synthetic natural environment​ which restores tree growing capacity.

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    Inorganic vs Organic Mulch

    Inorganic mulches include various types of stone, lava rocks, pulverized rubber etc. Inorganic mulches do not decompose and do not require regular replenishing. But they do not improve the soil structure or provide as many nutrients.

    Organic mulches include wood, chips, pine needles; hardwood and softwood bark leaves and other such composite mixes. They decompose fast and need constant replenishment at regular intervals. This improves the soil quality and provides more nutrients which is why we usually recommend our clients to use this.

    However, the one thing that we always tell our clients to avoid is “over mulching.” Too much of anything is never beneficial no matter what it is. Some experts are unable to identify when they are crossing the limit with mulching. However, we are not one of those we recognize the problems that may be caused by over mulching, which is why we ask that you get it done from us!

    Avoid the trouble of excess soil moisture, development of pests and insects and any other similar problems by getting the work done from a professional tree service company in Erie, Pennsylvania

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