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Professional Land Clearing in Erie County

Many people think of land and lot clearing as simple do-it-yourself projects, but let us be honest; land clearing is not a task that you would want to trifle with on your own. Clearing land is hard work, and typically involves lots of large heavy equipment that is not usually operated by normal individuals. We are in no way implying that you can’t do this, but what we’re trying to say is that it is a very large-scale project, no matter how small the building lot is.

The list of land clearing equipment that we normally use starts with simple hand tools and may extend all the way up to enormous bulldozers depending on the location and other circumstances. At the very least, a powerful commercial grade chain saw or two and all safety equipment that one uses with said chainsaws is needed if not more.

Felling Trees around Erie, PA

Felling trees is extremely dangerous. Even when a tree has fallen, it can have stored energy that can cause the tree to roll or move in such a way to cause the saw to bind or you to get crushed. Why go through all this trouble when we are here to help you through it all at the very affordable of prices. Yes you heard it right; we are here to take away all your troubles.

There are all sorts of ways to do land clearing and for every different type of land that you want cleared, we will mostly suggest a different method to you. The method chosen usually depends on what will happen to the trees and bushes after they have been removed.

We either push down the entire tree, and then move it over to a place on the land where it can be processed or cut down the tree and leave a stump that sticks out of the ground about three feet. The stump stub gives a bulldozer leverage to pop the stump out of the ground much like a wisdom tooth from a teenager’s jaw.

    Excess Timber

    And if you have any timber on land, then we will be certain to get you multiple estimates from timber buyers. In some cases, they will actually come in and do the tree removal for you as part of the deal.

    However if that is not the case then fret not friends! Because at the end of the day we are still here to help you out!  We will do the clearing for you! But if you are not interested in selling any of the wood, then that is also not a problem.

    We can also provide you with feasible ways to utilize all that wood in things such as fireplaces and even give you recommendation of places that will do said work for you!

    So what are waiting for? Any type of land needs clearing, you call Erie Tree Trimmers right away!

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