Stump Removal & Grinding

Stump Removal Grinding

Stump Removal Erie, PA

Got a stubborn stump that’s creating an eye sore in your yard?

Whenever trees are cleared and removed off of the land, a stump always remains to mark its’ place. We always ask, what was the point in removing a tree if part of it is still left behind.

Well stump removal service in Erie used to not always be as simple as it is now. What was once a very strenuous situation, has become a thing of the past as new technology and heavy machinery has allowed for simplification of the process.

Stumps should always be removed for safety reasons as well as for the sake of your property value as is could actually harm and decrease the overall value. That’s the last thing a homeowner needs is a lawsuit for somebody getting injured or their house value depreciated for something that could have been easily avoided. We’ll remove, repair, and restore your yard back to beauty.

    Stubborn Stump Solution

    Don’t get “stumped” by other companies and suckered into paying outrageous prices for this service. Some companies have been known to charge and arm and a leg or as we like to say, a limb and a stump. What’s even more ridiculous is jobs that charge so much, yet lack the proper equipment.

    At Erie Tree Trimmers we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to make that problem on your property diminish or disappear all together. Our stump removal & grinding services are the best offered around town and all at an affordable rate.

    Call us today and we’ll explain the detail about the whole stump removal & grinding process. Finally get that pesky stump off of your property once and for all. 814-240-0412

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