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Tree Pruning Service in Erie, PA

Tree pruning is an important aspect to ensure that branched do not finally fall, damaging property or causing injuries to individuals. However a great reason as to why pruning is important is to ensure that weak branches are removed. This way allowing ample space for the few remaining to grow bigger and stronger, Although pruning might seem easy to many people, getting it right from the word go is important. In this case calling a tree pruning service is important. But what should one check in a tree pruning service company.

6 Things to Look For In a Tree Pruning Service


In the past anyone purporting to be a tree care expert usually had the opportunity to work on all types of jobs, big and small. The result was usually disastrous as when the tree grows, its health becomes questionable. However with arborist certifications and or hiring a certified tree care safety professional, will ensure best results.

Time taken
A bigger expense than may be considered even bigger than price is time. This comes about as with a given estimate, time taken from company to company usually varies. In this regard by asking on how long the job will take is vital, as if they intend to do the work for a long time it will not only inconvenience everyday living but also the prices go up day by day.

Equipment used/ Process used
The most important thing to look for in a tree pruning company is the equipment used. This comes about as if they use equipment that scars the trees like spikes, then the damage can never be repaired as the trees are scared permanently. In this case ask specifically on equipment to be used beforehand to avoid disappointments. Still looking into their advertised services, look out or unhealthy services like tree topping. This is vital as it is not only a poor but an unhealthy practice that is normally used on hardwood trees that are large.

Shrub Trimming & Removal

Job Approachability
One of the reasons that many opt to hire tree pruning services is they do not want to cause unnecessary damage to their lawns. The same principle should be used for the company one chooses to hire. By considering the equipment used, one will ensure irreparable damage does not occur. In addition to that one should also check if they do surveying on the lawn. This will be able to guide them on sprinkler locations or locations other sensitive areas to be careful of. If they do not, then looking for another company to undertake the job is vital.

Safety and insurance
Although tree pruning might seem harmless, there still is the possibility of accidents occurring. Checking if the workers are completely covered shifting liability back to them is important. As if that is not enough one should also check to see if they use protective gear on themselves, if not then the search for another service company should continue.

No doubt affordability is an important aspect when considering tree pruning services. In this case by considering the credentials, equipment’s used and references to determine the kind of work that will be done, comparing at least 3 quality companies estimates should be done. This way choosing the best prices according to services will be easier.

For more information regarding tree pruning services please contact Erie Tree Trimmers.

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